Friday, September 01, 2006

Interview at Crafty Synergy.

The show at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse was awesome! Just had to mention this, haha. It was a beautiful weekend for it, and hopefully next week will be too. I'll be back down there for one more day Saturday the 9th, and then Avalon will be the day after that. So let's hope the little weather fairies get all this rain out of their system this weekend, so next will be sunshine and butterflies, haha!

Yet Another Updated List:
Sat 9/9 - Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Craft Show, North Wildwood
Sun 9/10 - Avalon Street Faire, Downtown Avalon
Sat 9/16 - Pitman Fall Craft Show, Pitman
Sun 10/1 - Westfield FestiFall, Downtown Westfield
Sat 10/7 - Maple Shade Gazebo Park Craft Show, Main St. in Maple Shade
Sat 10/14 - Fall Festival in Haddonfield, Haddonfield Business District

And that's the last of them! I'm no longer waiting to hear back from any more, so this is my final list until mid-October. I'm about to start with the next round of applications for November and December, so I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I get somewhere with that.

And also.. I've been interviewed at Crafty Synergy, so check that out if you get a chance. It's an awesome blog that interviews a different crafty business every Wednesday, letting you get inside our crafty little minds for a bit :) I enjoy reading it every week, and I hope you find it interesting too!