Friday, July 21, 2006

Wickedly Chic Review

Who's got an update? I've got an update! Lots to tell you about this week! But first, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Tuesday. All of your kind words made the day extra special. Hopefully 24 will be a good year!

Now onto the news.

July 18 wasn't just my birthday. Coincidentally, it was also the day the new issue of Wickedly Chic came out. And if you check out their Fresh and Chic section, you'll find a lovely review of my Cape May Necklace there. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be featured on such a beautiful site. You should definitely check everything else out while you're there, the Wickedly Chic ladies put a lot of work into bringing their readers the best of independent shops, and it shows.

I also have some updates on some of the shows I mentioned I was applying to. As I said before, I'll still be appearing in Neptune City on August 5 and Avalon on September 10. I heard back from the two Boardwalk Craft shows in Wildwood though, and unfortunately it turns out the jewelry categories filled up quickly, before I got the application in. But there is good news! I received an acceptance letter for the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse show, also in Wildwood, for the weekend of August 12-13. So here is my updated schedule:

Sat August 5 - Neptune City Day, Neptune City
Sat/Sun August 12-13 - Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, North Wildwood
Sun September 10 - Avalon Street Faire, Avalon

Still have five more shows I'm waiting to hear back from, and I'm also about to begin the next round of applications, so don't think that those four are it!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Deepshade Creations, Now Touring the Full Length of New Jersey!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry about the lack of updates this past month, that should be changing as of about now. The move into the new apartment was taking up a lot of time, but that's finished (at least until possibly next year!) The place is amazing- lots of space, brand new carpeting, very cute complex. Once it's set up more, I'll post some pictures of the crafty things we've done with it.

Another thing that's been taking up a huge chunk of my time is the application process for my craft show schedule over the next several months. It involves finding potential shows, researching them, getting my hands on the information, filling the applications out, then taking and getting developed all the pictures of my craft and display that I need to send. Then, in the case of juried shows, the waiting! So far there have been about twenty shows up through the end of October that I've inquired about, at least ten that I've narrowed it down to, and seven that I'm in the midst of the aforementioned process for. And I won't be stopping there! After I get this handful out of the way, I'll be starting over again for the November/December shows. It's more work than I ever would have thought it would be, but so rewarding because I know I'm doing this for myself. It's what I love about having my own business :)

And before I forget, just wanted to update that the show in Avalon was a success. Despite heavy winds and being rained out a couple hours early, it went well and was lots of fun! I'm looking forward to going back in September for their next one (though hopefully with better weather!)

Wet frizzy hair and a somewhat emptied table.

But anyway, here's a working list of what my summer tour schedule through New Jersey may be. The bolds are the ones that I will definitely be participating in. The others are all still application pending or waiting for me to actually apply ;)

Sat/Sun July 29-30 - Boardwalk Craft, Wildwood
Sat August 5 - Neptune City Day, Neptune City
Sat/Sun August 12-13 - Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, North Wildwood
Sat/Sun August 26-27 - Boardwalk Craft, Wildwood
Sun September 10 - Avalon Street Faire, Avalon
Sat September 16 - Pitman Fall Craft Show, Pitman
Sat September 30 - Crosswicks Village Festival, Crosswicks
Sun October 1 - Westfield FestiFall, Westfield
Sat October 7 - Maple Shade Gazebo Park Craft Show, Maple Shade
Sat October 14 - Fall Crafts in Haddonfield, Haddonfield
Sat/Sun October 21-22 - Celebration of Crafts and Arts, Salem

So that's where I'll be until the end of October. Hopefully my readers in the area will be able to make it to some of them, because I'd love to meet you! And don't worry, I've been working my tail off making new jewelry, it just hasn't been updated to the site yet because of my lack of time. I'll get on that soon, but until then, all of it will be out in its full sparkling glory on those display tables. Hope to see you there!