Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deepshade Creations is back with a vengeance! And with a coupon code!

I have returned! After a five month long stay down in Chile (with side trips to Argentina, Peru, and Easter Island), I'm back and so is Deepshade Creations. Joy, right? I still had a limited stock up for sale while I was gone, and that's still there, but I know you're excited to finally see and get your hands on some excellent new tasty chainmaille treats again. Well, never fear. Just you wait til the New Year.

Hey, that rhymes. That deserves to be formatted like the cute little song it is.

Well, never fear!
Just you wait til the New Year!
So much excitement in the air
Brand new chainmaille for you to wear
Just like a prayer
Your voice can take me there

Oh wait.

But yeah. Watch out during the first week of the New Year for things special and new. And I might hint that if you check back here on the 1st, you might find a special gift in the form of a coupon code for the Etsy shop. Just sayin'. And until then, I'm saying straight out that if you go to the main site,, you'll be able to take 25% off your entire purchase right now until December 31st. Well, isn't that something!

So, to summarize:

  • I'm back from South America and Deepshade Creations is back from its hiatus.

  • When you call my name, it's like a little prayer.

  • New jewelry coming to next week along with a coupon code. Check back for it.

  • 25% off sale going on as we speak at! Use coupon code "2011" until December 31st!

And just because I'm still excited about Chile, a picture of where I was living for four months: a city called Valparaiso:

Beautiful, no??