Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So I thought it was strange that I hadn't received a single email since the 6th. Not even a piece of spam. Not a word from at least four people that I'd been expecting to hear from. I let it go for a few days, thinking it must just have been a slow week. But when today came along, marking the fifth day since I'd received a new message, I started to get worried. So I sent a test email to the account to reassure myself that everything was fine.

Well, it wasn't. It bounced backed immediately, saying it was a permanent error: mailbox is full.

MAILBOX FULL! I am such an idiot. I must look just super to anybody who's tried to contact me this week. Like either A) a con-artist who up and cancelled her fly-by-night account to anyone who didn't read the mailerdaemon message fully and only saw the words "permanent error," or B) an unprofessional moron who doesn't deserve her own business to anyone who read closely enough to realize exactly why their message bounced back.

Or maybe I'll get lucky and they'll think, "Oh wow, her mailbox is full! She must be incredibly busy and popular to get so many messages! I'll just try again later and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get through!"

Oh man. Actually, if I'm REALLY lucky, anyone who tried to reach me will just happen to read this and see for themselves exactly what happened. And if that just so happens to be the case....

Here's a message for you: I fail at life and I am truly sorry. Please forgive me, and I hope this little mishap does not tarnish your thoughts on my humble business, Deepshade Creations :( To make it up to you, and also to anyone who was kind enough to read all the way through this pathetic entry, please accept a discount code for 25% off any total purchase (any amount, sale items included). It will be valid until October 31st. Just enter the code BadStacie into the discount box at checkout.

And I promise it will work.

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