Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check out what I have in store for you for April Fool's Day--

By my New Jersey time, it's only 12 minutes left til April Fool's Day! Excitement!

You know why I'm excited though? Not because I get to make my friends ice cream sundaes topped with shaving cream, although that is a bonus. No, it's because it's the first day of the Deepshade Creations Holiday Weekend Sale! Yes you heard me!

For four days (count 'em, four--Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday--that's FOUR glorious days), you get 15% off everything in my shop that your little heart desires. Everything! No limits! And this is in addition to the free US shipping I already offer! Madness!

But wait. I know what you're thinking-- "Is this a joke? Is she toying with our fragile emotions? I don't think I could handle such disappointment.."

Rest assured, this is no joke. Despite beginning on April Fool's Day, this is the big "Deepshade Creations Yes For Real Sale!" Want proof? Go shop til you can shop no more, check out, and within hours you will find an email stating you've received that 15% discount refunded back to you. Oh yes, it really is that simple.

The sale is happening at both my Etsy and Artfire shops:
Deepshade Creations on Etsy
Deepshade Creations on Artfire

Ready? Only 8 minutes to go...

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