Sunday, May 23, 2010

Colors and names and LOST, oh my!

This is a short post, people. Quick and to the point. I have a couple questions for you about a new item that's getting ready to make its debut in my shop.

This is the Lace Bracelet:

Pretty, no? It's an intricate little design, and I love the way the pattern looks once it's complete. I had planned on putting this out at a recent craft show to see how it did, but it mysteriously ended up going home with my mom instead, haha.

So my questions:

1) Do you like the pink, or are there other colors you would prefer to see it in first? Cool summer shades like blue or green? Fancy girly colors like purple or magenta? Bright yellow or orange? Red? Would you love to see it in a neutral like black or silver? Is there another color you had in mind that I didn't mention? Pistachio-chartreuse perhaps? (dare you to say that one three times fast.)

2) Do you like the solid one-color design or would you be interested to see it in a mix of shades? Any color combination in particular?

3) Would you be on the edge of your seat if I told you I'd created a necklace version of it, or would you feel underwhelmed and be all, "Don't bother me, LOST is on"?

4) Now I'm saving the most fun question for last. Can you come up with a better name for it than the Lace Bracelet? It's been my working name pretty much since I first created it, but I think it deserves better! I dub thee... what?

Thanks in advance for your answers, you guys!


reneek said...

Nice colors

Lissy said...

Just popped over from etsy.

I LOVE the pink. And the purple too... actually, all the colors are really nice.

VeganCraftastic said...

Very nice, I love the pink! Pink and green would be cool too, I love that combo :)

just B you said...

All the colors would look great. But I am a fan of neutral too, so I think black and silver together would be exceptional!!! For your first piece, though (since the first one went home with Mom), stick with the bright colors (great for summer) - pink, purple, or yellow/orange combo. As for the name, I think Lace is good. Beautiful work!

Campbell Jane said...

Very nice! I couldn't possibly pick a favorite color! They are all great.